the savvy mess

Reality check: life is not be perfect….. but at least our makeup is!

What can I do for you? I can lock arms with you and tell you that you’re normal and say “hey chica, we got this!” Because sometimes….that’s all you need. Well, that, and a great lip gloss. If you’re ready, I’ll show you how to rock this thing called life and how to master the liquid eyeliner. Are you ready? I am! Let’s DO THIS! 

You may THINK she* has the perfect life but what you don’t know…. Is that it’s not. Are you tired of the illusion that everyone else has it all together while you struggle to find matching socks? I get it. Believe me, I get it! Behind the scenes of my life is chaos. It’s a mess. With a million things running through my head, a teenage daughter picking fights with her brothers, deadlines I can’t meet, and un untrainable dog, I have found a way to make it work. And not only make it work for me, I’ve embraced it, owned it and take pride in calling it my own.

Ladies, don’t let the mess control you, YOU control the mess! You’ve got 2 choices to make: you can be a hot mess or…. You can put some lipstick on that situation, adjust your crown and make it a savvy mess. 

From makeup tips to hair tricks, and all around life hacks…. I’ll show you how to glam up and show up. Regardless of how much time you THINK you don’t have. 

*she: the girls you follow (or stalk on social media), admire and look up to who secretly actually crawl under your skin because they appear to have the perfect life, perfect clothes, perfect hair, perfect marriage. Just, perfect. Really, I mean great for them.